Debit Card Theft - That time I went on a spending spree in Minnesota!

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According to my bank account I did. It seems we went to Wendy’s, Burger King, Popeye’s, Motel 6 (ahem), Filled up for Gas in the morning, then headed to   for some more spending. But I wasn’t really there and neither was my wife.  My wife’s debit card number was apparently stolen.  Some day I hope to actually visit Minnesota  and now I am really craving ‘ chicken!  I think I only had it once when I was younger, I forget what state I was in.

If it hasn’t happened to you yet, it will. This is the second time it happened to us. Fortunately, the bank is very good about quickly getting us a new card and reimbursing the fraudulent charges.  But it really sucks when you are in the line at the grocery store and you cant pay.  So you run home and get a credit card (emergency use!).  But honestly, I am grateful I can get the groceries I need. Many people can’t. Remember that next time you are at the grocery store.

The point here is to check your checking account often! You should be able to recognize all charges and you should be able to recognize when your balance seems off.  In our case, this happened over the weekend and the charges posted on a Monday when we caught it.  Often the bank will also catch it and notify you or suspend the account or debt card.

It is also a good reminder to be vigilant when you using your debit card online.  Try to avoid giving out the number over the phone to a pizza place or vendor as well. There are so many possibilities for your card number to be compromised these days.

Here is a quick list of tips to follow by when using your debit or credit card online. I’m not ready to start using my credit card more and more since I know I have protection on my debit card.  Check with your bank and see how you are protected.

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