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Save Money by setting a Christmas Budget!

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Avoid Credit Card Debt with Christmas Shopping this year

Christmas shopping is probably one of the most common ways we end up using our credit cards.  We get caught up in the season and the giving spirit and the good old credit card gives us the flexibility to not worry. "Life is short! What am I working for? I deserve a nice holiday!" It feels great, right?  Well, temporarily. Trust me. I understand. I've done it too. You are not alone.

Set a limit on Christmas shopping and stick to it

At the very least. Set a particular amount of money you will spend on Christmas shopping and stick to it!  Write out a list if it helps. This assures you do not go overboard. Ask people what they want or could use. Be realistic. Don't forget to include the little gifts outside of your inner circle, like friends, co-workers, neighbors, and even giving to charity. When we don't set a budget and stick to it, we end up using that credit card. And since we don't have the money in the first place, we probably won't pay it all off in January. We always tell ourselves "Oh I'll pay it all off next month". Then we start paying extra in interest. Then it is Christmas for the credit card!

Have a dedicated Christmas Savings Account

The easiest way to save for Christmas is to setup another online checking account with an ATM card. Automatically move money into this account every month. Then only use that ATM card for your Christmas shopping. When you run out, you run out! Hopefully you have a Christmas account you've been saving in all year and now it is at its max and ready for you to shop. If you don't have a Christmas account, do this today!!!  It is usually as easy as clicking "open a new account" when you are logged in to your bank. It should be easy and they can mail you the ATM card. Then start transferring a monthly amount to it in January. By December you will have set aside all you need for Christmas shopping and you'll have a card ready to use.

Create a Budget and save your Money

Here is My Supa Dupa Christmas Budget Spreadsheet! Use this Christmas Budget Spreadsheet recommended by Santa himself! Santa uses this every year and shares it with Mrs. Claus. Santa and Mrs' Claus have had several revisions over the years, but this always helps them remember and plan in advance. It also helps them be on the same page so there are no surprises.

Laptop or Desktop Directions

  1. Click on this link. This will open a View Only Google SpreadSheet.
  2. Sign In (top right) with your Google Account. This is still a View Only version.
  3. Go to File > Save a Copy. Now you have your own copy to edit.
  4. Now fill in the blanks and follow the directions.
  5. Next year just duplicate the sheet and start over again.

Phone or Tablet Directions

  1. Download the Google Sheets App First. Launch it and Sign In.
  2. Click on this link. This will open a View Only Google SpreadSheet in your App.
  3. Click the three dots on the top right ...
  4. Go to Share & Export >
  5. Make a copy. Now you how have your own copy to edit.
  6. Now fill in the blanks and follow the directions.
  7. Next year just duplicate the sheet and start over again.

If you are intimidated by Spreadsheets, watch these quick videos I created. It is so easy and makes life easier. Don't you want life to be easier?