chicken piccata

Save Money and Health by Cooking at Home

Would you like to save $440 a month?

  • Chicken Piccata for 3 at Home = $15.  8 Times a month = $120.
  • At a Restaurant is $70 (including soft drinks and tip). 8 times a month = $560.00

No, I'm not eating chicken piccata that often! but you get the idea. In today's world, the convenience of dining out or ordering takeout has become a go-to for many individuals. However, the financial and health benefits of cooking at home cannot be overstated. You are not alone if you are dining out a lot or getting takeout a little too much. It is especially difficult to cook for one when you buy ingredients, but you just need to embrace leftovers knowing you don't have to cook for 2 more nights! But, if you are not cooking at home as much as possible you are just throwing your money away.  You are giving it away, to these businesses so they can put your money into their accounts!  Make sense?

Saving Money

One of the most significant advantages of cooking at home is the substantial cost savings compared to dining out or ordering takeout. While it may seem more convenient to grab a quick meal on the go, the expenses can quickly add up. Cooking at home allows you to buy ingredients and take advantage of reducing overall costs. Moreover, leftovers can be repurposed into new meals, minimizing food waste and stretching your budget even further. When you do eat out, try and skip the alcohol. Eat an appetizer or share a plate.  The portions at most restaurants are way over the top most of the time.  Then you feel like garbage and ready for a nap.

Healthier Choices

When you cook at home, you have complete control over the ingredients, allowing you to make healthier choices. Restaurant and takeout meals often contain high levels of salt, sugar, and unhealthy fats, which can contribute to various health issues. If you have food sensitivities you are well aware of this risk. By preparing meals in your kitchen, you can choose fresh, whole ingredients, control portion sizes, and experiment with different cooking techniques to create nutritious and balanced meals. You'll eat less. 

Better Relationships

Cooking at home provides an excellent opportunity for bonding with your family or roommates. Involving other members in the cooking process not only fosters teamwork but also encourages communication and shared experiences. And it is just plain fun! Children who participate in meal preparation are more likely to develop healthy eating habits and appreciate the value of home-cooked meals. This shared responsibility can lead to stronger connections and a greater appreciation for the effort that goes into creating a meal from scratch.

Start Now

Think of 3 things you can cook and like. Commit to cooking them this week and see how much money you save. Pasta? Mac & Cheese? Ramen? surely you can cook these. Even a frozen pizza from the supermarket will save you money. Then you are ready to branch out.  Try baked chicken or pork chops.  Try a salad if you prefer.  There is no shortage of YouTube videos and recipes online these days, There is no excuse not to cook at home. Next time you review your expenses see you much money you save!

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