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My Market Basket Grocery List Template

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My Market Basket Grocery List Template

In New England, we are lucky to have a grocery chain that has been operating since 1917. A family owned business, started in Lowell, MA, and later expanded to 15 stores in 1956 after some celebrated success. They currently have about 90 stores in their chain according to Wikipedia. In 2014 they overcame an employee strike over ownership changes and there was an incredible show of support from the employees and communities they serve. It was pretty impressive! They have a long history of being a supportive employer in the community. When I shop there I recognize people that have been there a long time. I also see lots of new happy faces and it is always a pleasant experience. I'm sure this is due to good management.  What a great example they set.


This Market Basket Grocery list saves time.

I consider myself a grocery nerd since I took the time to create this All the categories are in order according to the aisles at the store so you can start in the dairy section and move towards the produce section. So when you create your list at home, you will know exactly what you need in each aisle. You can also use it to plan your meals for the week using page 2.

We have saved a lot money shopping at Market Basket!

When I first started shopping at Market Basket my wife and I easily saved $75 for 2 people in 1 week, using the same list of items I purchased at another chain. After that we never stopped shopping there. They have pretty much all the brands you need. Like any store, it is not perfect, but we are pretty loyal customers due to the savings and customer service.

Print the Market Basket Grocery List Template

Just print the PDF, it has 2 pages. This list is perfect for those who don't want to bother with apps like AnyList, which I always use now. But before I used my phone, I started by just printing a bunch of these and keeping them in a folder. I'll make another post about customizing the Anylist App for Market Basket. Just print page 1 if you do not want to plan meals. BUT..  if you plan out your meals, you will save a lot of time during the week and not waste as much food. Be flexible and realistic, maybe you need a few frozen pizzas for something quick or some deli meats.  Life gets busy. And don't go on an empty stomach!  We'll, sometimes I do and I walk out with a small batch of chicken fingers from the bakery which smell amazing.. and taste great!!  And definitely try the roasted chicken for a quick healthy meal, or the Fried chicken which I think is just as good as KFC.

Go to the Market Basket Web Site

They always post their weekly flyer and they also have a cool tool where you can add stuff to a list and print it out