Tax Time

Documents you need for your taxes

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You need to file taxes every April. Most often, it is April 15.. Yup Taxes Suck. But it’s that time. Here is my list of documents you will need if you are doing your taxes. I create a folder on my computer for every year, and put this list in there, then I can track what documents I have or need. Check out this post if you are not sure where to start with taxes. Good Luck!

Taxes Document Checklist


W2 Your Income
W2 Spouses Income
1099 Misc Income
1099-G Unemployment


1098 Mortgage Statement
1098 Equity Loan Statement

1099-INT All Savings Accounts
1099-INT All Checking Accounts

Charity Donations
Charity – Amount
Charity – Amount

IRA Deposits

Excise Tax for Car 1
Excise Tax for Car 2

Work Expenses
Any Work expenses you might qualify for. Travel?


1098-T Tuition Statement
College Loans. Interest Paid


Health Insurance proof


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