Different types of Retirement and Goals


What will Retirement be like for me? You don't have to focus on golf, volunteering, move to Florida, or stop working. Everyone has different ways they want to spend their time and different financial conditions.

I am sharing this great post because Michael Kitces did a far better job than I did.   Consider that there are several types of retirement plans and savings strategies that might support them.  Take a breath and enjoy the relief. Let these multiple retirement ideas fester in your brain for a few months! There are so many possibilities in life.  (Please check out Michael's site if you have more time).

Check out the full article  "3 Types Of Retirement And Their Very Different Savings Strategies" by Michael Kitces over at The Nerds Eye View.  I've learned a ton from his blog. It is a little more detailed and geared towards those interested in Financial Planning and related roles. Every Friday I get an awesome email with good weekend reading that inspires me to keep pursuing my interests.

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