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I tried 4 free apps to see how fast I could set up a budget on my phone. Pocket Expense, Good Budget, Daily Budget, and Fudget. I suggest using Fudget. This is the easiest way to create a budget and view it.  Other apps can be tied to your checking and credit card accounts, show analysis and other good stuff.  Go for it if you have time.  But if you don't have a budget, this is the easiest way to start. Try it out.

Fudget: budget planner & personal finance tracker



Budget Planner: Fudget

  1. Download the free App
  2. Create a Budget and name it.
  3. Enable Dates (this is optional, I think it helps for bi-weekly planning)
  4. Add  Incomes
  5. Add Expenses (include savings, vacation, christmas)
  6. Look at your balance.

If your balance is negative, you have a problem.   Adjust your expenses.  I'll create another post of reviewing your budget vs. actual spending. If this is your first budget. Congratulations, you just made a huge step in your financial success!

Check out the cool chart to see where all you money goes


While this app are quick and free, they have some issues. Every month is different in real life. The best way to plan for your money is getting into the details. Let us help you do that in our Next Level Money Management Class.

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Teen Money Management

Parents, teach your kids what you wish you learned at their age!

Teens, Get ahead of your peers and learn how to manage your money now! Celebrate your independence by seeing your money grow while you also enjoy it. You can start and stop this on-demand course at any time. Your future self will thank you! You'll learn About ..

  • Being an Employee
  • Get a Checking account and Debit Card
  • Automatic Savings
  • Good Spending Habits
  • Setting Goals
  • Considering College and Your Future
  • Credit Cards
  • Auto Loans
  • Taxes
  • Realistic Budgets
  • Pro Tips!

Next Level Money Management

For Young Adults and Adults. Don't waste time with old habits and routines your parents had to use. Save time and Reduce Stress. Use the latest trends to manage money in today's world. Start Saving Now! If you don't take action you will continue to stress out about money.

 You'll learn about..

  • Opening the right accounts
  • Automating your Savings
  • Monitoring your purchases
  • Automate organizing
  • Understanding your spending
  • Saving time with Bills!
  • Reaching your goals!
  • Avoiding fees
  • Securing your info
  • Making life easier!
  • Estimated Time: 30