Build Spending Money for College

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Summer break isn't just for Netflix marathons and lounging (although those deserve a gold medal too). It's your golden ticket to financial redemption, a time to turn that frown upside down (and your bank account right-side up!). It's time to unleash your inner financial ninja!

Remember that job you mastered in high school? Dust off those skills and see if summer is a good time to revisit it. Retail, Babysitting, pet-sitting, dog walking – these familiar gigs can be flexible, fun, and bring in some decent cash. Who knows, you might even rediscover a hidden talent (like turning bored puppies into Instagram sensations).  So don't forget your high school employers. They will most likely be delighted to have you for the summer because they already know you and they know you can do the job!  It is a win for both of you.

Save in the Summer

Let's not kid ourselves, summer screams adventures. That epic road trip, the beach getaway you've been dreaming of, those concert tickets begging to be purchased – they all deserve a slice of your summer loot. But here's the key: planning. Set a saving goal for all things "summer fun" and "school year fun". Stick to it like a barnacle on a rock. You need to save for spending money during the school year. Every dollar saved now is a guilt-free splurge later.

Books & Beyond

Textbooks and subscriptions for academic tools may not be the most thrilling reads, but they fuel your academic engine. Allocate a portion of your summer earnings to these knowledge beasts. Remember, every penny saved on textbooks is a penny for that extra scoop of Ben & Jerry's!

Rent Ready

Housing doesn't magically appear, and neither does the rent money. If you need to, dedicate some of your summer earnings towards college housing. Whether it's your on-campus dorm or a shared apartment, having that rent money stashed away will give you peace of mind (and maybe even score you bragging rights with your roommates).

Work over Winter Break Too

While summer screams sunshine and freedom, winter break can be a goldmine for cash. Consider seasonal jobs at ski resorts, holiday retail gigs, or even tutoring younger students who are drowning in their own academic woes. Every dollar earned during winter break is a dollar less you need to stress about come spring.  So don't forget your high school employers. They will most likely be delighted to have you for a few extra weeks.  

Embrace the Sweat

Physical labor may not be everyone's dream job, but hear me out: it's honest work, it pays the bills, and it can be surprisingly satisfying. Landscaping, construction, waiting tables – these jobs may not be glamorous, but they build character, muscle, and most importantly, a healthy bank account. And when you meet customers, tell them what you are studying for. You never know what connection will help you in the future. Adults love to help out struggling students.

Bonus Tip: Don't forget to reward yourself!

Saving is important, but so is enjoying the fruits of your labor. Treat yourself to something special, whether it's a concert ticket, a weekend getaway, or simply that extra scoop of fun (you earned it!). 

Happy hustling, and happy saving!

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