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Automatically Save 20% of Your Paycheck

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In a world filled with constant financial demands and unforeseen expenses, saving money can often seem like an insurmountable task. However, taking control of your financial future doesn't have to be overwhelming. In fact, with a systematic approach and a commitment to change, you can start building a significant savings cushion. A healthy goal is to save 20% of your monthly income.  If you cannot do this. It is just a symptom that you have to take a little more control of your finances. It only takes a little bit of practice.

Assess Your Budget

The first step towards saving 20% of your income is to review and analyze your budget. Take a closer look at your monthly income and expenses. Identify areas where you can cut back or make adjustments. It's crucial to distinguish between needs and wants. While certain expenses are essential, others may be discretionary and can be reduced to contribute towards your savings goal.

Break Down Each Paycheck

Instead of focusing solely on the big 20% target, break it down into manageable chunks with each paycheck. It is tough to save a lot when that rent payment or mortgage payment is due. Calculate 20% of your income (after taxes and deductions) and determine how much that translates to per month. By setting a realistic goal for each paycheck, you make the task of saving more achievable and less daunting. This approach allows for consistent progress and helps you stay motivated throughout the process.

Set up an Online Savings Account

If you have an online checking account, you should be able to easily open another savings account right on the bank's website. Do it now! In the digital age, managing your finances has never been easier. Set up an online savings account to streamline your savings process. Online accounts often offer higher interest rates than traditional brick-and-mortar banks, helping your money grow faster. Moreover, the convenience of mobile banking apps allows you to monitor your savings and make transfers on the go.

Automate Your Savings

Set up automatic transfers from your primary checking account to your online savings account on payday. By automating the process, you eliminate the temptation to spend the money before saving it. This hands-off approach transforms saving into a habit, making it easier to stay on track with your financial goals. Maybe on Week 1 you transfer $100 but on Week 2 you Transfer $200. You are paying yourself first before giving your money to anyone else. You deserve it!

Stay Flexible and Adapt

Life is dynamic, and your financial situation may change over time. It's essential to stay flexible and adapt your savings strategy as needed. If there is extra money at the end of the month, push it into that savings account.


Once you complete a couple of transfers you will be so excited by the savings you will want to save more and more. Transforming your financial future is a gradual process, but with discipline and consistency, you'll reap the rewards of a healthier financial outlook. If you don't actively manage your money, it will slip through your fingers. Start your journey to financial freedom today!

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Teen Money Management

Parents, teach your kids what you wish you learned at their age!

Teens, Get ahead of your peers and learn how to manage your money now! Celebrate your independence by seeing your money grow while you also enjoy it. You can start and stop this on-demand course at any time. Your future self will thank you! You'll learn About ..

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  • Get a Checking account and Debit Card
  • Automatic Savings
  • Good Spending Habits
  • Setting Goals
  • Considering College and Your Future
  • Credit Cards
  • Auto Loans
  • Taxes
  • Realistic Budgets
  • Pro Tips!

Next Level Money Management

For Young Adults and Adults. Don't waste time with old habits and routines your parents had to use. Save time and Reduce Stress. Use the latest trends to manage money in today's world. Start Saving Now! If you don't take action you will continue to stress out about money.

 You'll learn about..

  • Opening the right accounts
  • Automating your Savings
  • Monitoring your purchases
  • Automate organizing
  • Understanding your spending
  • Saving time with Bills!
  • Reaching your goals!
  • Avoiding fees
  • Securing your info
  • Making life easier!
  • Estimated Time: 30