Save money on filing taxes

As as single person, couple, or family, you don’t necessarily have to pay money to file your taxes. Tax laws are free to read, the forms can be downloaded for free, and you can mail them in for the price of postage.  The question is, do you want to pay to make this process easier, and

Don't forget to celebrate the small wins!

Sometimes we get so focused on the big goals we forget to celebrate the small wins. Fact is, you don’t get to the big wins without lots of small wins.  Sometimes there is no big win, just lots of small wins and what happens in between. Here is a list of acheivements to celebrate. Celebrate

Is there anything missing from your paycheck? You sure?

When was the last time you looked at your pay stub? Direct Deposit is an amazing thing. Unfortunately, it also promotes complacency.  All you see is the net pay deposited in your account but that is not all the money your earned. If you got paid in a roll of cash, no doubt you would

5 Minute 401k and IRA Refresher

What is it? A 401k, 403b, IRA are accounts where you can invest for retirement and benefit from tax savings now. These useless names simply come from the tax code that defines them. Well, IRA means Investment Retirement Account.  That makes sense. Why is it so great? Your deposits are tax deductible. So if you put

Your biggest fears about money are..

What are you afraid of? I am embarrassed I don’t want to think about it I am not good with numbers I never understood stocks and IRA’s I am afraid to look I don’t know how much I owe I was really bad with money at one point My credit report is in bad shape