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Don't forget to celebrate the small wins!

Don't forget to celebrate the small wins!

Sometimes we get so focused on the big goals we forget to celebrate the small wins. Fact is, you don’t get to the big wins without lots of small wins.  Sometimes there is no big win, just lots of small wins and what happens in between.

Here is a list of acheivements to celebrate. Celebrate now and next time!

  • Creating your savings plan (budget) for every month
  • Reviewing your savings plan from last month
  • Paying more than the minimum on your credit card bill
  • Being able to pay all your bills and save some money
  • Being able to go to the grocery store and buy everything you need
  • Being able to pay your heating bill
  • Reviewing your retirements savings and target goals
  • Updating your resume for the next time you need to job search
  • Reviewing your finances with your partner (if you have one)
  • More ideas can be found here!

Don’t forget to stop and enjoy what you have today!

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