The word Budget has a bad reputation

The word Budget has a bad reputation

“They can’t pass a budget”

The word Budget has a bad reputation and generally makes people cringe. Here are some examples… “I’m on a tight budget”, “They can’t pass a budget”, “I didn’t budget enough for that”, “there is just not enough in our budget”.  No wonder why we hate to think of budgeting for anything. It sounds horrible. Ha!

A budget is just a plan


Let’s start over. A budget is just a plan. That’s all guys and gals, ok? A plan that is meant to work for you and your finances. You know what happens when you don’t have a plan?  You don’t know where you are going to end up.  You don’t have any clearly defined goals.  If you go down a river without a map or any idea of where you are going, you are at the will of the rapids. And these days there are  tons or detours and rocks all intended to take your money if you allow it. This doesn’t just apply to finances. Ask any business owner or any type of Project Manager.

Start planning today!

So if you want to have control over your finances, you need a budget.  There are a ton of tools available to help you do this.  We’ve listed some and tested them.  Once you have a budget you’ll gain a ton of additional benefits such as easily being able to.

  • plan for any purchase
  • find ways to save money
  • identify spending problems
  • prepare for taxes
  • provide information for loan applications

all within minutes.  Start planning today!