How is your relationship with money today?

How is your relationship with money today?

Are you mad a lot because money is tight and you can’t make ends meet. Maybe you would love to take a vacation or fix your house and you cant right now. Perhaps you are saving for a car, house, or vacation, and it is taking forever. Or you are behind on bills or racking up debt, maybe you wish you could do more fun stuff or donate to all those charities whenever they ask. This changes all the time, right?

Think Positive

Now, think about all the positive things money brings to you. Be grateful for food on the table, roof over your head, heat, AC, a job you actually like, education for your family, giving to others, a nice ice cream, dinner with friends. It might sound silly but I bet if you focus on the positive it will lower your negative thoughts. Positive thoughts bring positive things towards you.

Move Forward

Don’t be afraid to make future plans that depend on money. If you consistently envision them, they will come to you slowly. Don’t let temporary challenges distract you from your goals. Keep moving forward!

This is inspired by an article in Money magazine April 2017 issue which I would share if it was online.