5 Easy ways to give more this season!

5 Easy ways to give more this season!

Ha! I got you with the annoying top 3 or top 10 titles. I hate those things. i.e. Top  5 ways to be a good Mom, Top 10 things you are doing wrong!! Wrong I said!! Wrong!!

Tis the season to give a little extra and be grateful. We should do this all the time, but it is easy to forget when we are all struggling in our own ways.  Here are some quick ideas to give without breaking the bank. You’ll make someone’s day and you’ll feel great too. And there are more than 5.

  • Pay for the person behind you at the drive thru
  • Tip 20 – 30% when you are out to eat. Skip an alcohol drink to pay for it.
  • Donate some socks, underwear, hats, gloves. i.e. Basic stuff, you’d be surprised get missed at large charity drives
  • Drop off some cookies or treats at a friends or neighbors house, unexpected.
  • Surprise some co-workers with a treat like bagels in the morning, or afternoon desert.
  • Instead of a 10 or $20 tip, give an amazon or other gift card.
  • Don’t forget your mailman! They take care of you every day.
  • Don’t be afraid to say Merry Christmas! Sounds silly, but it’s a nice surprise these days.
  • Keep some 1 or $5 bills on your to take care of the salvation army and the tip jars in the take out places.
  • Randomly give someone a gift card
  • Share someone’s blog post.. ha!
  • Bring some hot coffee to the folks working outside on the rds, or plowing if it snows
  • Get some Christmas Dinner non-perishable items to drop off at the food pantry
  • Buy some of those reusable bags for the person behind you at the grocery store. Those are always last on the list

And be good to yourself. Merry Christmas!